AAA Business Centre lies at the junction of Bahria Town Phase 7 and 8 that has direct access to Islamabad Motorway which is why Business Centre has become the commercial face of the City of Rawalpindi. The location beholds the view of state of the art architecture that allows a handsome return on investments. Business Centre along with its twin Riveria which is situated right across, is a twin-tower project, making it the first mini-mall of Bahria town.

Basement Floor Plans

Ground Floor Plan

Mezzanine Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan

Third Floor Plan

Fourth Floor Plan

Mumty/Pent Floor Plans


We are opening the doors of cultural heritage, relaxation spa, as well as meeting and greetings place for you to have the best time of your lives. The Executive club sequence project is built on modern designs, contemporary architecture, plus lavish structural design keeping in view your level of comfort. You may explore a variety of activities in the executive club including indoor Sports, Spa, Food and spending quality time with your loved ones. Project design and embellishment are done in such a way, where both males and females, friends and family can have fun and enjoy their leisure time.

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